How Would You Rather could be Informative

In this article, I will discuss how questions, like would you rather that make you think between 2 options, could be helpful. And what is the process of asking these questions? Through which process you would answer and how this process helps in fostering your brain power.

Methods or procedures used in asking Would you rather?

Different methods are used to question would you rather? It could be a comparison, contrast or probing. Contrasting questions would be like would you rather drink coffee or cold drink. The comparison would be like would you rather like mango or orange or it could be asked with probing as well, like would you rather go for a vacation or get married? Probe: which thing would you do at first?

How does responder respond?

When you are asked these types of optional questions, you have an option to opt for one. You go against one option and embrace another one. You cannot respond in yes or no but respond with a full explanation. These explanations give logic for your reason you are avoiding one possibility for.

Would you rather could be informed as well, how?

Because it gives us information about the person who is around us and we never get to know about that person before. When we ask a question we are going deeper in the life of that person and getting to know those things we never knew existed. It helps us understand the emotions of another person. We discover creativity. It adds up to our knowledge and also fosters the knowledge of another person as well, and would you rather questions??

We can’t say that all would you rather questions are exploring or give us something productive or New to discuss but usually, they are productive and adds up knowledge.  Even few questions cause us to wonder. They thrust us towards the ideas that haven’t been explored yet. And you get something new and innovative.  It pushes you in a meandering manner.

Exploring Questions

Maybe, all of the questions not worth exploring, but for every dozen, there’s a golden one that causes us to wonder. The questions move us into an idea that we hadn’t yet explored.  Not every question asks you for a meaning full answer, sometimes the answers are meaning less but you may find a fistful of gold out of it.

It also evaluates how much intelligent the person is to whom you’ve been asking. Tells us how much clever he is. What type of strategies does he use to answer when he’s pushed into such dilemma; you become concerned with his brain power.

You become perplexed between 2 questions which one to opt for. And this compels you to find how much little knowledge you had and how this question added up in search of the right answer. We push our brain to look for something we never knew yet and this is how we learn many new things. It is a learned behavior rather than innate. We operate with the missing information and one who is asking you also get to know some piece of info that has been unknown yet.

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