How to get Hay Day Free Diamonds

The popular farming game, Hay Day, has some problems for the gamers who want to avail the game currency without spending some from their pocket. The game coins and diamonds are of premium importance for the gamers, as they are the key to move ahead and expand the farm. Coins can be earned easily by selling the farm products but diamonds are difficult to get. This brings the gamers towards the search of ways to get free diamonds.

There are hundreds of links available online that claim to be able to get you free unlimited diamonds. But they are usually of no use. They either direct you to a link to complete a survey or to download an app. You might want to do this to get free diamonds but, again, it is of no use. You fill the survey and then you have nothing. You can also download the app but get nothing like Hay Day Diamonds in return.

If you do not want to buy diamonds from your money then you need to be a little patient and make some other effort to get free diamonds. No link can get you these, but your game can. There are a few tricks to get free diamonds from playing your game.


You can get 1 diamond by following Hay Day on Facebook. And if you log in to Facebook through Hay Day, you get 5 coins. But both these opportunities are to be availed only once.

Level Up

Whenever you get a level up, you will get 1 or 2 free diamonds.

Mystery Boxes

You might have noticed the red colored boxes seen once in a while in the game. These boxes contain free rewards for gamers. You can also get diamonds in it. Just keep trying by opening the boxes whenever and wherever you see one.


Every now and then Hay Day held global events. You can participate in them and help to achieve the global target. The reward is given in form of diamonds to every participant that helped in achieving the global goal. These events can be related to fishing, completing boat orders, completing town orders or selling products to the visiting farmers.


In the fishing area, every time you catch a new fish type from the catalogue description, you get 5 diamonds. Apart from that you also get 1 diamond for catching a fish in three sizes, as per the weight.


While extracting ores from the mine, you can also get a diamond once in a while. Just keep hoping.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can also give you free diamonds sometime. When you help another farmer on their farm, they send you a thank you card, sometimes along with a gift card. These gift cards can be exchanged with gift boxes. These gift boxes sometimes contain diamonds in them.

Keep playing and carefully looking for the diamonds. You’ll keep get earning free diamonds and speeding up your game progress, and here is few more about Hay Day Cheats.


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