How this software deviates from other software

Every software has its own features. Similarly “Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software” provides you with extended features and facilities.


Our aim is to make sure that you are feeling safe for your kid and are standing over them without letting them know that they are being monitored.


Extended features

  • No Jail breaks option

A jailbreak is an option provided by apple that removes all the restrictions from restricted websites “Mobile Spy Smart Phone Monitoring Software” gives you an option of NO JAIL BREAK.

  • Compatibility

Remember compatibility is an important aspect. Your device must be compatible to run the software.

  • Feedback

There are many other soft wares but why one should prefer this one? Because it pushes its customers to review the feedback before making a purchase

  • Live / online control panel

The only software that gives you this option to get the live screenshot. Well, a live control panel is on premium.

Accessible to iPhone, android and blackberry and is used differently according to their functions. Your targeted device must meet the OS version requirements

  • Deleted chat

You will be able to review the deleted chat

  • Premium app

A premium app that is live control panel just seems like a television.

  • Instant GPS location

You can view instant GPS location

Provides you with three options:

  • Lost Sim info

If your Sim is lost, using mobile spy smart phone monitoring software you can easily access to it.

Smart features

Smart phone interface, online control panel, and live control panel are one of its key features that enforce one to prefer it over others.

Alert alert!

Moreover, mobile spy smart phone monitoring software also gives you alerts.

Profanity alert: Profane language is used

Geo fencing: Don’t want your child to be in that location. Go get alerts and set parameters.

Contacts alert: As the name itself suggests making you alert about selected contacts.

Intrusion alert: Alert! The wrong pin is entered.

Custom alerts: Makes you aware about keywords you selected on the phone being monitored.


Much moreā€¦

Not only this you can also monitor the recorded event from their calendars task, review the word or phrases most often used on their tablets or smart phone. You can change the setting through remote settings. Logs via email allow getting personally notified on your email about the targeted phone activity. Top ten reports make you aware about most often performed activities. Monitoring your child’s phone you can keep an eye on them, prevent them from any unwanted activity, track their location through GPS, delete unwanted contacts, and view their messages, multimedia and much more. Technologies are for our privilege that doesn’t mean we may start abusing them by misusing it. Our youth usually visit such sites that are inappropriate or are disallowed.

Is it intruding your child’s privacy?

No, not all! Look your parents are your well wishers they don’t want you to see you depressed or worried. They don’t want to put you in any serious trouble. Keeping an eye on them and providing them with guidance what is right and what is wrong doesn’t mean that they are intruding your child’s privacy.


If any company is disclosing everything related to their product in front of you definitely it is recommendable one. Moreover, they provide you with their customer reviews and feedback to get awareness before making a purchase, and link is here for more details

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