Exposed Skin Care and Tips

Most people wishes to have a baby-smooth skin. Others judge ones health from the looks of the skin. The question is, does the skin exactly act like the body mirror?

Simple rule for a healthy skin

Failure to observe simple hygiene can be very detrimental. Basic science teaches that hands alone pick a lot of bacteria on dirty surfaces. The fact remains that disposal anti-bacteria wet wipes may be in the pocket or handbags but one can’t keep wiping hands wherever and whenever, and exposed acne treatment serum.


The rule remains that stop bursting those pimples anyhow. Some people can’t tell when this happens. They find themselves with a bleeding broken skin. This terrible behavior is common with people in queue, traffic jams and in exam room.

When you touch the broken skin with dirty hands, you infect it with bacteria. This makes the pimple take long to heal. After healing, it leaves a mark and the game goes on and on. Before long, one starts noticing many encroaching black marks. The next stop over is at the cosmetic.

Unmask before bed.

The modern world has revolutionized make-ups in that they are treated like clothes. This means that one feels awkward and really out of place without them. The fact remains that the added Beauty is very attractive and adds one’s confidence, but after the day is over, remember to clean that face.

When washing the face, use the soap you prefer but remember to use warm water then rinse with cold water. This will help rejuvenate your skin by opening up the pores.

On the contrary, when one sleeps without cleaning up the make-up, the skin gets clogged up and ends up damaged. No matter how tired you might be that night, do yourself a favor of cleaning your face.

Some conditions too extreme

There is a percentage of people who suffer skin conditions that requires a dermatologist. The best advice that one should take in mind, is the always ask a doctor about your condition. Stop self-medication as it might get out of hand.

The tendency of getting over the counter medication for some problems has only resulted to some industries flourishing as a result of selling products that never work.

One’s confidence should not be flagged down by such setbacks. While in teenage, most youths develop some acne that simply refuses to go away. Guidance and counseling usually helps such a group as they find it even harder to appear in public.

Exposed skin also includes our heel which encounters harsh weather conditions. The heel sometimes tends to dry up and crack. In worse cases, it cracks so deeply that it causes a lot of pain.

This part of skin needs soothing with some medications offered by doctors in extreme cases. Also, for those with a dry skinned heel, they need not wear open shoes which expose the heel and hardens it more. In case you notice that area is hardening, don’t wait for further damage, just apply cream.

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