Dutch oven pot- for delicious and real taste of food

Now a day’s Dutch oven pot is one of most popular cookware that is available in everyone’s kitchen and especially it is a well-known cooking vessel for chefs all across the country.

What is Dutch oven pot?

Dutch Oven Pot is a large and heavy pot which is cylindrical in shape and has a tight fitting lid on the top.

These have a very thick bottom and sides which cook the food evenly and in all directions and its tight fitting lid on the top hold the moisture and protect the food.

The specialty of this pot is that it can cook from the bottom and also from the top.

From where it is originated

In ancient days like 300 years ago, people use to cook their food using hot coals or woods so in order to withstand the wide range of temperatures they use dishes which are made up of Iron.

It has been used by most of the people across the countries under different names and this is one of most regular cookware in the past days as they use it making all kind of food items.

The design of these vessels has been keeping on changing and now a days there are lot varieties available in the market.

What is this made up of?

There are generally made up of cast iron but there are some kind of vessels available which are made up of aluminium or stainless steel as well but not so popular.

There are some of the Dutch oven pots that are enamelled out layer but this has not that many advantages as cast iron oven pot.

Cast iron vessels can withstand to a wide range of temperature without deprivation which makes it to use for all kind of applications. These require a special cleaning in order to take of iron, if it is not taken care the iron will get rust and there is a chance of it being mixed up with food when uses it for cooking.

After cleaning cast iron vessel it should be dried up and before placing it the vessel should be coated with cooking oil and should be placed open place in order to prevent any kind of smell.

Cast iron Dutch oven pots can be used in camping and can carry easily to any place as it is just to be placed on the open flame. Electricity is not required for using this as this one of the ways for saving money.

Because of its resistant and benefits cast iron Dutch oven pots are long lasting.

Comparing to cast iron Dutch oven pot cleaning of enamelled oven pot is easy but sometimes the chip may break some times and few of the enamelled vessels cannot withstand to a wide range of temperatures.

What type of food can be cooked?

These are best vessels for deep frying; roasting as it uniformly passes the heat in all directions which makes the food to boil slowly.

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